Feb 15 2019

McKinnon Wealth Management

#cypress #wealth #management # INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT * STRATEGIC PLANNING As “Family Financial Advisors,” we understand the importance our work can have on the financial resources of our clients. It affects their ability to meet their needs and can also potentially provide the funding for fulfilling their greatest dreams and aspirations such as educational opportunities, personal development, entrepreneurial ventures, travel and charitable giving. This provides meaning for our lives as well as those of our clients. If we can assist our clients in pursuing their life goals it turns our work into a passionate mission. We believe it is a family …

Feb 15 2019

Custom Software Design, Software Development Services, Custom Software Development Company, software custom.

#Software #custom # software custom When you cannot beg, borrow or buy the software you need, or if you have outgrown the software you are presently using, you might cringe at the prospect of using a custom software development company like Cambria to see what they can do for you. But you might be pleasantly surprised at what our software developers can do. Take care to focus on the things you really need, and you will get software that is less complicated to use than commercial software attempting to serve a variety of masters. And because of this relative simplicity …