Nov 20 2019

Hot topic coupon

Hot topic coupon-Hot topic coupon
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Hot Topic Promo Codes 2019

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About Hot Topic

Hot Topic traces its roots all the way back to 1988, when it emerged as a hip scene for the young, music inspired crowd. There were a huge amount of retail stores that catered to teens, especially in malls all around the country, but Hot Topic managed to find a niche to fill even among all those other retail accessory stores. They were the first, and at the time, the coolest music inspired accessory store that catered to both teenage boys and teenage girls. By 1990, it seemed the teen scene was clamoring for more than just music inspired accessories. And you know how teens can clamor. Hot Topic began to intoduce clothing into the merchandising scheme of the stores. The music crazed teen scene drove the market into expanding into band tees. Bauhaus, The Cure, TSOL, and Depeche Mode started popping up on tees in the stores and then soon thereafter, flying off the shelves as teenage boys and girls raced get their hands on the merchandise featuring their favorite bands. It only took a year for Hot Topic to introduce more than 50 bands in its clothing line.

But the merchandising didn’t stop with band tees. As the decision makers at Hot Topic really started to pay attention to what teens wanted and more importantly, what teens were spending their money on, the merchandise expanded into underground cartoons, cult movies, and comic book scenes. As the popularity of a teen show grew, the likelihood of finding it in Hot Topic grew as well. Soon teenage boys and girls could find tees with characters from South Park, CareBears, Superman, SongeBob Squarepants and any other image that made the teenage cool list. Hot Topic has also recently expanded plus sizes with their store Torrid in an effort to include all teens and not just plain vanilla teens.


Hot topic coupon


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