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Jiffy lube oil change coupon

Jiffy lube oil change coupon-Jiffy lube oil change coupon
Jiffy lube oil change coupon-Jiffy Lube customer service reviews, complaints and comments about Jiffy Lube customer support

Jiffy Lube customer service reviews

Read the reviews below to see the experience other people have had when dealing with customer service from Jiffy Lube.

Posted by getagrip

The change oil light on my dashboard had been on for a while. I couldn’t take it to my mechanic on a Saturday and during the week was not good for me. I desperately found a place that was open on Sunday. I took my car to Jiffy Lube on Craig and Decatur, North Las Vegas. The guy told me that it would be $75 for an oil change. It had been a while that I had the oil changed, I had forgotten what the average price for an oil change was. The guye said that he could knock it down to $50 but with the exception that I would not get a receipt. I accepted. It was changed in a Jiffy. I went on my way but with the feeling that I should not have accepted and should have gone elsewhere when I got the chance. I will never accept a deal like that because now there is no history that I every brought my car to them. Maybe they didn’t even change the oil and only added oil.

Posted by Anonymous

you changed now I have all leaking after 9 in my truck it did not leak before but soon as I left Jiffy Lube that’s what happened here in Columbus on Georgesville Road I’m going to get on Facebook and let everybody know how y’all do oil changes make people spend a lot of money after y’all change the oil and I’m going to six on our side here in Columbus thank you

Posted by Dan

I’ve been to the Tumwater WA JL three times last couple years. I call ahead for pricing and each time when I get there they say the price is higher. Each time was a “miscommunication” it’s a bait and switch.

Posted by Anonymous

Need to talk to someone about very poor service

Posted by Pete

I drove over an hour to experience inexperience people. People that are not educated in the line of work they do. It was very disappointing. I took my car to get inspected at Louetta & grant rd to get inspected. I explained to them about the EPA car list, and they had no clue what I was talking about. I asked them, if they do not learn about the EPA when studying the state inspection test, and they told me very little. I was shocked, that they would answer that way if those are the guidelines. EPA has a list of cars that explains to you how to inspect those vehicles. I drove an hour to get to your store, for that your employees there, did not want to take a minute of their time to look at the Texas/EPA website to the instructions of inspecting a car, but wanted me to come the next day and me leave work early so that they can call the state so that the state can tell them the same thing the state website says. How ridiculous is that? I don’t ask you guys to waste time or money etc. That was a complete waste of my time to drive there and waste time talking to them. They spend more time talking about my car than it would’ve taken them to look up onto the state’s website. I searched it for them on my phone and they did not encourage them to search on their own. It’s ridiculous how it’s easy for your guys to not listen to customers and waste their time!

Posted by Todd

I went to Jiffy Lube to get an oil change and I showed him my coupon, then I was asked whether I wanted 1030 or high mileage oil. I said hi mileage since my car is a 2005. The guy wrote up an estimate for $83.96. I told him I had a coupon and I showed him the group on. He said don’t worry we’ll fix that up at the cash register. After he does the service and we get to the cash register I still have a bill of 4292plus the original 20 I paid on the coupon. I said that’s too much, he’s said because you chose the high mileage oil you pay more. Well nobody warned me that there was a big markup on high mileage oil. Especially not $45. My car is a 2005 and I’m a senior citizen on Social Security and I really feel like this guy took advantage of me. I like a refund.

I’ve used group on on multiple occasions over the years and I always spend that plus about five bucks more on various shop fees. You are being unfair and taking advantage

Posted by

I have used Jiffy Lube many times before. Today November 2, 2018 I checked in to get my oil changed at the jiffy lube in Oroville, CA. Store number#2645. It’s my fault for not asking the price of an oil change, but I was astonished when I was told it would be $87.04. I told young man that I had coupon for $15.00 off the oil change. He promptly told me that if I had a $5.00 he would use that. I asked why he would use the $15.00 coupon he said that is used for the larger stores only not for the Oroville store. I’m on a SSD and it’s not easy to come up that much money for an oil change. Like I said I should have asked the price first. But I feel they should have honored the $15.00 coupon. Luckily I did have a $5.00 coupon.For my next oil change I will go else where.

Posted by Anonymous

I had my oil changed at North Charleston Jiffy Lube South Carolina and it started leaking oil and I have no oil left in my motor I am very upset I was to leave to go out of town tomorrow morning and I need some help right away

Posted by Alex

I went to Jiffy Lube in Hayward California Jackson Street. They are rude unprofessional very disappointing. Went in there to top off my oil due to my light was coming on oil was low this is a Monday afternoon and he told me I would have to go to a different one to two not having the oil synthetic this is not the first time last time I was in they cannot do my oil change due to not having oil filters that fit Honda accord. This location is getting worse and worse it’s sad because it’s really close to my house have to find somewhere else to go or just do it myself.

Posted by Washington

Dear Jiffy Lube I experienced some bad service at your site in Evanston on dempster and dodge .I came in for a oil change on friday evening and one of the employees closed the doors down on in my face rudely I say because ,the business was still open I told him why I was there and give me a moment I needed to make a phone call and then we can talk. Is that the way you do business? That was on the 15th of March. So I took my car to the Jiffy Lube on Touhy/Crawford and got excellent service.And by the way the price was much cheaper. The person on dempster wanted to almost 100.00 for oil change. Do the agent thier set their own prices. I have use your service for 10 years at least and very pleased until that day and person.

Posted by Keba myles

I have a 07 Chevy Impala LS 3.5 I took it to Jiffy Lube to get oil change the mechanic told me that I had a oil leak that needs to be fixed he never mentioned that the screw on the oil pan was stripped or if he stripped it I drove to Sacramento and drove back and I have a blown head gasket mechanic looked under my car to remove the drain plug to see if water was mixed in oil and the boat completely was loose and came off boat is very strict I’m going to file a lawsuit against Jiffy Lube if my engine isn’t replaced

Posted by Anonymous

2 weeks ago I visited your Gresham location for an oil change. It was time, as I was reminded via email. I was also reminded while I was there that my tires need to be rotated as well. I decided to go ahead and let that service be done too. I was concerned that my wheels and hub caps were on corectly having heard a horror story from a friend in the Seattle WA area. When she returned home from her visit after her tires were rotated she was missing a hubcap. I asked the techniction, as well as the the manager 3 times to make sure the job was done properly. I live less than 2 miles from the Gresham store. 2 hubcaps were gone by the time I got home. I was then quite concerned that my wheels were on tight enough. It was pointed out to me a few days later that they were not. I have a picture of my wheel. I went directly to Les Schwab to have my bolts all tightened and had them make sure they were safe to drive on. If all that wasn’t bad enough while I was sharing my bizarre story with a friend, he informed me he had worked for Jiffy lube in the past and that they loved to prey on single woman of my age (58). Talking us into buying premium oil and then giving us the lowest standard of oil which was kept in a barrel underneath. Wow! Story after story. It has been two weeks since my tire nightmare. I still don’t have my hubcaps replaced. I have a signed letter stating intent to do so. I bought my van to carry my four grandkids who ride in my car on a daily basis. Thank God my wheel did not cause an accident while they were riding in it before the loose bolts were discovered.


Jiffy lube oil change coupon


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